Warp & Phil’s purpose is simple, to provide its customers with an excellent product and customer experience.


Our Core Values

  • Customer Commitment: to prioritize our customer’s outreach through friendly, helpful, and accessible customer service

  • Company Integrity: to choose courage over comfort, what is right over what is fun, and to always practice our values rather than simply just profess them. 

  • Team Culture: to cultivate a positive, energetic, and growth-driven team. 

  • Customer Respect: to value our customers time and professional objectives through transparent quoting, on-time deliveries and seamless installation services. 

  • The Future: to honor future business by investing in customer relationships, employee morale, and manufacturing innovation. 


Our Company

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Years of Experience

A growing division of Fabri-Quilt, Inc., Warp and Phil blends expertise and experience in every product and service from custom fabrication to national brand standards development.

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Kansas City, MO

Centrally Located Head Quarters in Kansas City for quicker turnaround and transit times.

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460,000 sq ft of manufacturing space

58% expansion in dedicated manufacturing space since 2017. Locations in Kansas City, MO, Queretaro, MX, and Indianapolis, IN.



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In-House Full-Service Design Team

If you can dream it, we can make it; custom designs, visual mockups, and quick turnaround times.

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Dedicated Installers

From Fabrication to installation, Warp & Phil is a full-service solution to your hospitality needs.

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335 Full-Service* Jobs in 2018

*Jobs that include both manufacturing and installation